Kindle cover

Here are photos of the cover I have just made for my Kindle - hope you like it. The fabric for the outside cover is from a range called Hometown by Moda and the inside patchwork is from the Etchings Charm Pack from Moda. I bought the selection from The BramblePatch - an excellent patchwork... Continue Reading →


United States reading challenge

This is based on books read since the beginning of 2010 and covering books set in a particular state within the United States of America. They are all fiction and many of them are crime or thrillers - though some are not. The map below shows which states I have 'completed' so far. Will update... Continue Reading →


Spotted a book today by Donna Tartt called The Little Friend and thought I might try it. Seems to be set in Mississippi so that would also help with the States Challenge I set myself. Having not had any for Mississippi till now I suddenly discover several. As well as the above, the latest Lee... Continue Reading →

Hi there!

Hi - this is a first post to let you know what this blog will be about. It will basically just be some random musings about books, tennis, quilts and knitting - among other things.

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