Busy, busy, busy – patchwork bags

Since I’ve had a bit more time to myself recently I have been making some patchwork bags. the first is a cross body bag complete with a small external zipped pocket. It was the first time of using that particular way of doing the pocket and I almost ended up trapping the bag inside the pocket lining. A moment of panic and a quick bit of unpicking before it all got sorted out. The material is from some small charm squares bought in Canada in a shop near Banff on our way to Calgary so good to use it up.

The other items were a slouchy bag and a small purse to go with it. I love the colours. I made it from some fat quarters I bought in John Lewis in Sloane Square and I think they go rather well together.


Teddy with a Fairisle sweater

Have been meaning to share these photos for a while of a lovely cute knitted teddy from a Marie Wallin pattern. I have already thought about knitting another one but changing the sweater design slightly to make him look Norwegian.

20151231_130359 20151231_130048 20151231_130007

Fabric of India at the V and A

On the 9th Jan I went to the V and A in London and got tickets to see the exhibition of Indian textiles “Fabric of India”. The exhibition itself was brilliant and had lots of beautiful examples of fabric and design produced by a great variety of techniques. There was definitely a wow factor in both the range and intensity of colours and in the sheer scale of some of the pieces. Some of the woven pieces were complete floor size and full of amazing designs.

Sadly though, the organisation of the exhibition did not live up to the standard of the exhibits themselves. Entry was by timed ticket – but far too many tickets had been sold for each time slot making it extremely crowded and almost impossible to see any of the smaller items. And I say this as someone who is used to attending very high profile, high demand exhibitions at the British Museum and the National Gallery. These too can be very crowded – but nothing like the crush at this one.

There were several videos of how various fabrics were produced. For some inexplicable reason these were displayed on screens at waist height, in front of other exhibits and on a screen no larger than an iPad. With more thought these could have been on plasma screens at a raised height where a whole group of people could watch at once rather than just one person.

The cynical part of me thinks that the museum sold more tickets than necessary to make more money. Personally I think I would have preferred to be told it was sold out, rather than spend a frustrating hour or so in a crush without seeing very much in any detail.

Patchwork in Canada

During my travels in Canada I spotted various items of patchwork in heritage centres and museums that I couldn’t resist taking photos of.

This wonderful wall hanging was on display in the Whistler Public Library. My favourite combination – libraries and quilts!


Also in Whistler were these lovely canvas and patchwork storage baskets/ bags. Spotted at the Farmers’ market near our hotel on an extremely hot day.

The following items were in the Railway Heritage museum in Valemount. Not only quilts but a wonderful rug in the same style as Geordie clippy mats but with a lot of extra flair.





Granny square is growing

Started this while on a shuttle under the Channel and it is now beginning to grow considerably. I like the way the centre (in Sirdar crofter wool) gives a slightly skewed colour scheme – balanced by the more traditional solid one-colour rounds.


Love the greens and oranges together but have added a larger variety of colours to give a more random feel. Will probably avoid the purples and blues that I usually use though